What is Community Organizing?


This classic cartoon shows the potential of organizing perfectly.

Imagine everyone on your block feels very strongly about a certain issue, but let's say only one person decides to call their local representative about it. Instead what would happen if everyone on the block came together on that issue, and acted together?

This is what community organizing helps facilitate. First, we canvass a riding to find out what some of the key issues are in that riding. By hosting events, one on one meetings, online outreach, and so on, we bring in volunteers straight from the community to help push for action on these issues. These issues become community-driven teams, where neighbour engages with neighbour. When the time comes the neighbourhood can then call for action, whether this be through petitions, calling representatives, online campaigning - the sky's the limit! It's not up to us to say what the community needs, that's up to you.

What can this model achieve?

- Awareness of issues that your community is facing

- Holding public representation accountable to the community they represent

- Action on identified issues

- Greater civil engagement brings greater transparency 

- Education on policies and impending legislation 

Community organizing is naturally nonpartisan. Without alignment to a particular political party, this leaves us open to call on all public representation to be accountable to the public they represent.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or would like to ask how you can get involved directly, send an email to: info@ourplaceinitiative.com 

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