Introduction to Our Future Election Campaigns


In October of 2014 and October of 2015, Toronto is facing two very important elections. Part of Our Place Initiative's mission is to increase civic engagement. Primarily our focus is on local community issues, but as these elections are approaching we would like to host events and engage meaningful discussion about the different options in front of us. 

Campaigns season is loud, messy, and sometimes just overbearing. When the time comes, we would like to host events surrounding the issues that have arisen for Etobicoke and present where the candidates and platforms fall. We will start this campaign full force in August of 2014. In the meantime we are looking for volunteers from Etobicoke and across the GTA who are passionate about increasing turnout and informing the public.

People interested in researching, social media, event planning, or any skill you feel would help in this initiative, please send us a shout at [email protected].