Jonathan Robertson

  • published #MeatlessMondays in Blog 2020-08-17 13:05:58 -0400



    Creative Vegetarian Meal Prep Guide | Brewing Happiness   Let's be real: no one person is responsible for the climate crisis. Just like no one person is going to solve it. Climate change and global warming are the result of decades of accumulated decisions by people with a lot more power than any of us. So please, do not feel guilty for driving a car, taking a flight, or eating a hamburger.

    With that said, individuals acting together can spark change and drive momentum for social movements. The environmental impacts of the meat and dairy industries, as they stand (large-scale industrial agriculture using chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics), are well documented. Moving to more plant-based options can only help to mitigate these impacts (even if it's only a tiny bit), and will also be more effective at reducing your footprint than trading in your car, or cancelling your overseas vacation. Not only can including plant-based meal choices improve your ecological footprint, but they are often reeeeally good for your overall health. 

    That's why Our Place Initiative has launched #MeatlessMonday.

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