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Across Canada we are seeing communities expressing their concerns over the sudden halt to door-to-door mail delivery. This decision was made with no consultation of the public, nor any debate in parliament. These concerns range from how it will effect senior citizens and those with disabilities, to the safety of the proposed community mailbox. As other options to help Canada Post's financial problems were abruptly swept off the table, plus the thousands of jobs with it, we ask you to share your voice and concerns with your community and public representatives. 

Save Canada Post Home Delivery

On December 11, 2013, Canada Post announced drastic cutbacks to our public postal service, including a plan to eliminate door-to-door mail delivery. 

This plan will unfairly impact people with disabilities and seniors. 

Help save door-to-door mail delivery by adding your voice!

Dear Councillor Peter Leon of Ward 3, Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby of Ward 4, Councillor Peter Milczyn of Ward 5, and Councillor Mark Grimes of Ward 6:

I want to let you know I am upset the federal government approved Canada Post’s plan to end door-to-door mail delivery. You allowed services to be cut for Canadians, neglecting other options and without community consultation.

This decision will impact on me and my community. It will also disproportionately impact seniors and people with disabilities.

I value my public postal service and my local mail currier. I and my fellow community members seek a resolution to be passed keep our door to door mail delivery service by Canada Post.



ï  Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Postal Critic / porte-parole du NPD en matière de service postal 

ï  David McGuinty, Liberal Postal Critic / porte-parole du Parti libéral du Canada en matière de service postal 

ï  André Bellavance, Bloc Postal Critic / porte-parole du Bloc Québécois en matière de service postal 

ï  Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party / chef du Parti vert du Canada

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