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Health and wellness logo trends - 99designs During these trying times, we're all dealing with changes to our normal routines and ways of connecting. To help you connect in new ways, we’d like to share some resources for moving and expressing yourself. We look forward to providing these kinds of activities at local parks and community centers once we are all able to connect in person...



Qi Gong (Chi Gong) is a centuries-old system of physical, energetic and mental practice that helps to improve health and vitality. Qi means energy; Gong means skill. Qi Gong is a skillful work with the energy of the body and awareness of the mind.​
Lee Holden provides 3 simple exercises for seniors to strengthen the immune system:

Marisa Cranfill provides a moving meditation for relaxing the nervous system:

Nataliya Gasenko studied with Lee Holden and Marisa Cranfill and provides live streaming classes to uplift and balance your energy, lower your level of stress, and strengthen your immune system.  Classes ($10, one hour) are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 am, Tuesdays at 7:30 pm, Thursdays  at 10:30 am (free) and Saturdays at 10 am.

Nataliya will be teaching Qi Gong movements that help to strengthen the immune system (Metal Element - lungs), to deal with fear (Water Element - kidneys), to enhance resilience and vitality (Wood Element - liver), ​to fill the heart with joy and happiness (Fire Element -heart), ​​and to be clear minded, present and grounded (Earth Element - spleen).  

To register and get the weblink, email [email protected]
For yoga classes that give deep strength, radiant immune health and courage, Mary Paterson is offering a live-stream every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8:00 am for 30 minutes.​  To register and get the weblink, visit www.marypaterson.ca/agift

For a fun brain dance for kids that strengthens body and mind: 



In a free interactive session on the art of storytelling (May 13 from 2 pm to 4 pm), Jim Blake and Fay Wilkinson share pointers on successful approaches to telling both personal and ‘found’ (e.g. folk tales) stories. Bring a short (3-5 minute) story of your choice. You will have the opportunity to practise tips tailored to the telling of your story. To register and get the weblink, email [email protected].
If you'd like to try art journaling, online expressive art workshops are available at www.expressiveartworkshops.com/shelley-klammer-counsellor/

For daily journaling prompts sent to your inbox, visit www.suleikajaouad.com/the-isolation-journals-prompts

Other Resources

Choose a PDF download option that best fits your needs: The original Self Care Bingo A blank Self Care Bingo template for you to fill in Both the original and the blank! You can print the PDF for personal use or for use in therapy sessions with clients or groups. Commercial use is prohibited. Sharing the file/printing


None of the above is a replacement for professional medical care. If you or someone you know is in need of COVID-19 related care, visit: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/ 

What has helped you through the quarantine?  Let us know about your favourite resources! Email us at [email protected]

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