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Following is our official press release for our Mayoral Debate. Click here to RSVP!

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#AskCandidates Running for MPP



As part of our civic engagement this election season, we are calling upon community members of Etobicoke to submit questions they’d like to ask their running MPPs. After outreaching to the community, we realized that three big issues for Etobicoke were Transit, Youth, and Infrastructure. We will be taking questions till May 22nd. We will then send a survey to the candidates and publish the responses.

There are few ways to submit your questions:


By Twitter: @OurPlaceOn


By Facebook:


By Email: [email protected]


You can also help spread the word by telling your friends, fellow residents, and sharing our social media images to your online networks:







Introduction to Our Future Election Campaigns


In October of 2014 and October of 2015, Toronto is facing two very important elections. Part of Our Place Initiative's mission is to increase civic engagement. Primarily our focus is on local community issues, but as these elections are approaching we would like to host events and engage meaningful discussion about the different options in front of us. 

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