Environmental Initiatives

The Environment Committee is focused on improving, preserving, and advocating for the environment in Etobicoke.

The committee launched the annual Butterfly Festival in spring 2015, to help increase the population of the Monarch butterfly - an important pollinator whose population has been declining in the past decade. The popular event held at LUSH gives attendees free milkweed (the only plant the monarch butterfly will lay its eggs on) to take home and plant. The event also features a milkweed planting session on the LUSH grounds, face painting, tour of the gardens, community vendors, music and children's crafts.  

The committee has also established a FOCP (Friends of Centennial Park) group that support the park via park clean-ups, movie nights, free Yoga sessions and more. 

If you are interested in joining or would like to learn more please email: info@ourplaceinitiative.com








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